Traumatic Brain Injuries or Post-Concussion Syndromes

Traumatic brain injury or post-concussion syndromes often happens in a car accident or sports injury. The injury could affect brain function and left over feeling sleepy or unable to think through problems. Short term memory and concentration are common issues, or even could not do simple mathematical process and take in new information. Some patients find it is hard to follow what was being told to him. Dizziness is another concern, sometimes with headache. brain2

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the problem is due to the blockage of the meridians and deficiency of energy that link with the brain. Liver and kidney system normally related with this kind of situation. Clinically patients will be found with syndromes of stiff neck, loss of sense in tongue, vision disorder, numbness or tremble of hands and many other disorders. Both the liver and kidney system will work for the balance of brain, with the liver meridian associated of the soft tissues and micro blood vessels that transfer circulation in the brain; the kidney system controls the energy level since it supports the nerve system. In acupuncture study, as the six yang meridians all go to the head and coordinate with the four limbs, treatments in lower limb points could alter the syndromes with good effect.This is also a good way to keep the brain cells active by stimulate the remote acupoints. In my experience, extra meridian system (non-regular 14 meridians) works better for treatment as those meridians could increase the energy volum in soft tissues.  Herbal remedy is also helpful to surpport the brain energy. The famous TCM Yunnan Baiyao and Danshen work well with post-concussion syndromes. Effect could show up in just 2-3 sessions, though chronic cases need longer treatment. Once the blockage of the meridian be cleared, the brain will recover to normal function. Please visit my slideshare for more info of brain health.


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